Moving Out and Moving on With Ease

Moving Out and Moving on With Ease

Property prices listed at Estate Agents throughout the capital are at an all-time low, and now is the time to take advantage of the credit crunch if you are a first-time home buyer, or if you’re looking to move up the property ladder. Rents are also a lot less than what they used to be, so even moving house into somewhere bigger, better or brighter should be cheaper in the coming months. If you plan on vacating your London property in the coming months and will be looking for move out cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and the like, here are a few tips for moving out and moving on with ease.

Do your homework! There are literally dozens of companies that offer move out cleaning and steam carpet cleaning throughout greater London, and choosing the right one will mean a convenient, hassle-free move-out experience and hundreds of pounds of savings. If you are on a tight schedule for moving out of your existing property, book as far in advance as possible. Booking toward the end of the month often means higher prices and less availability. Giving your prospective company two to three weeks notice will generally result in a discounted price, and allow move out cleaning chicago you to choose an appointment for the exact time and date that suits you.

If steam carpet cleaning is required by your landlord or stipulated in your lease or rental agreement, or you merely want to start life in your new property with a clean foot forward, giving notice and shopping around is key. Summer is high season for cleaning, so booking a little bit early can mean discounts of up to 50%. The London professional cleaning market tends to be swamped by July, and the chances of making a cheap and easy booking go down with each day. There’s nothing worse than moving into a dingy place, left in disrepair by previous tenants. Steam carpet cleaning can be provided for less than ₤ 100 for a two-bed flat if you book in advance with one of London’s larger professional cleaning providers.

Seize the day: there’s no time like the present to get into some new digs, and you’ll save money on rents and property prices, not to mention the cost of move out cleaning and professional carpet steam cleaning on your old or new property. Most London cleaning companies will be able to provide a free quotation via email or over the phone, so it’s up to you to find a great deal at a time that suits you.

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